Starting in early December 2021, I will be offering workshops at my Carlsbad, California, studio.

Have you always wanted to learn encaustic, didn’t have the materials or the time? Now you can learn encaustic in this two-day workshop, which is limited to four artists. The workshop will:

  • Provide all the necessary materials and then some
  • Give you practical, hands-on experience working with color mixing, layering, fusing
  • Learn how to combine various mediums including oil sticks, oil painting, charcoal, pencil and objects
  • Have an emphasis on mark making
  • Show you how to incorporate collage material and how to side step many missteps
  • Include basic monotype techniques
  • Provide historical context
  • Outline safety protocols

Dates and fees for this workshop will be announced in October 2021. Please sign up to be notified when registration is open and to join the waitlist.